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Detect, defend & drive authenticity on your platform

Pasabi's Trust & Safety platform is powered by AI, behavioral analytics & ML


Make enforcement decisions with confidence

Pasabi's Trust and Safety platform provides continual monitoring to identify patterns of bad behavior as they emerge.


Analyze key reputational factors across IPs, emails and our repository of known bad actors. If there are fraudsters on your platform, we're seeing them elsewhere too.
Take action with confidence.


Cluster data together highlighting key patterns and suspicious behaviors to detect fraud rings and the worst offenders.
Identify connections and explore insights in your data.


Analyze patterns and behaviors against our machine learning models and scoring engine. As AI tools present increasingly easy opportunities for bad actors to create harmful content to scale their efforts, we use behavioral analysis to detect patterns of non-genuine behavior.
Adapt to evolving tactics used by fraudsters.


Our Trust and Safety platform gives you the evidence for enforcement

The rapid growth of AI tools has given rise to increased opportunities for fraudsters to scam, dupe and cheat platform owners, suppliers and users. Discover how our technology weeds out bad actors' harmful activity to safeguard your users and reputation.

Trust and Safety Platform

Cross-platform intelligence

Leverage data from our repository of known bad actors to weed out familiar fraudsters fast.

Trust and Safety Platform

Detect multiple threats

Classify harmful threats putting your users at risk - from fake accounts to scams and fake reviews.

Trust and Safety Platform

Risk scoring & labeling

Comprehensive risk scoring together with human readable labeling enables efficient decision making.

Trust and Safety Platform

Continual monitoring

Identify patterns of bad behavior as they emerge to understand what's happening on your platform.

Trust and Safety Platform


Free up resources by maximizing automation and focusing your teams' efforts where they can have the most impact.

Trust and Safety Platform

Network effect

Benefit from the insights our platform provides through data accumulation, pattern recognition and feedback loops.

how it works

Connect behavior and intent dots to detect patterns of bad actor activity

Trust and Safety Platform

use cases

Which challenge do you want to solve?

Our suite of trust & safety solutions enables you to find and take action against bad actors putting your users at risk.

Fake account detection

Fake accounts dupe your users, exposing them to multiple risks. They are at the root of the majority of harmful behavior online. From romance scams on dating apps, to counterfeit products on marketplaces, fraudsters hide themselves behind fake profiles.

Fake review detection

Fake reviews mislead consumers, harm honest businesses, and damage platforms’ reputations. Influencing $152 billion in sales globally in 2021, fake reviews are a lucrative business for bad actors and a growing concern for law-abiding businesses.

Counterfeit goods detection

The total amount of counterfeit goods sold each year runs into the trillions of dollars. They put consumers at risk, are often carried out by fraud rings and can even fund organized crime.

Scam detection

Scams are on the rise. They cause huge financial, emotional and psychological harm. From romance fraud to recruitment scams, fraudsters continually look to exploit loopholes for their financial gain.

Trust and Safety Platform


Unlock enforcement actions at scale

With our growing range of integration methods, you are able to feed our accurate decisions into your existing moderation or enforcement workflows. By integrating with Pasabi, you can create efficiencies by automating enforcement actions and speeding up human decision making.


Check out our frequently asked questions. If you need further info, just get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Do you provide a free trial period?

We offer a comprehensive Platform Audit to identify:
- the scale of bad actor activity on your platform
- severity and prevalence of threats such as fake accounts, counterfeit goods, fake reviews, scams and ATOs
- future areas of risk

Choose either:
- Annual audit $2,500 per year
- Quarterly audits $7,000 per year
Both options include up to 1 million records.

The process is easy:
- Choose either annual or quarterly reports
- Share historical data with us (up to 1 million records)
- We will run an audit and provide your report

If you'd like to find out more, email us at

Does the platform integrate with our internal systems?

Yes, we typically provide integration into customer workflows to provide end-to-end automation.

Pasabi’s results are provided through a range of integrations that make it as easy as possible to feed into existing enforcement journeys.

Results can also be accessed through our comprehensive dashboard where users can leverage a wide range of features including:
- Cluster views
- Reporting
- Audit trails
- Data exports
- Commenting and tagging results

Do you share data across your customers?

Pasabi maintains a repository of known bad actors and entities that customers can leverage as part of the platform. As part of our ongoing insight gathering, we know that bad actors operate across different platforms using the same accounts with similar behavioral patterns. To maintain data security, this repository is completely anonymized, holding non-customer specific opinion of IPs, emails, telephone numbers and more.

Each customer instance is hosted in isolation and no data is shared directly between customers.

If you would like to learn more or ask any specific questions, get in touch.

We don't have a high volume of data. Will the platform still be effective?

Yes. Our platform is powered by reputational, network and behavioural detection techniques with our unique combination of these being effective at all volume levels. As part of our onboarding process, we ensure that the platform is configured specific to each customer, maximizing detection and accuracy.

Learn how we can help

Our Trust & Safety Platform can support your efforts to tackle bad actors, fake reviews, fake accounts and counterfeit products at scale.