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The internet has changed the way we work, live, socialize and shop. The opportunities and information it provides are limitless and ever-changing. However, fraudsters are continually finding new and inventive ways to exploit users and consumers.

And we’re tired of it. We’ve read enough fake reviews, seen enough counterfeit and been appalled by a multitude of scams exploiting users, that we want to make the internet a more authentic and trustworthy place.



We want to know that when we read a review, we can trust it’s genuine. Or when we buy from a third party marketplace, we’ll get the item we ordered.



We believe all users should feel safe online. It’s not just about safety for children and the elderly - anyone can be targeted by a scam. The emotional damage and financial loss of which is immeasurable.



We strive for trust to be brought back to online spaces. Restoring trust is paramount to safeguarding interactions and building a healthy place for users to connect, collaborate and engage confidently and safely with each other.

So, driven by our determination to have better experiences online, and using our extensive experience of AI and Behavioral Analytics, we have built our Trust & Safety Platform.

Our story

Learn how we got where we are today

About us


From strength to strength

With team members now across Europe, UK and the US, Pasabi is thriving and more determined than ever to make the internet a safer and more authentic place!

About us


Investment injection

Pasabi secured a multi-million dollar investment from venture capital firm, Quadri, to expand its operations.

About us

2020- 2022

Growing team

The pandemic naturally presented its challenges, as it did for everyone around the globe. But we embraced a remote working environment, managed to recruit new team members and enjoyed coming together all the more afterwards.

About us


Pasabi was formed

With a clear purpose and drive to build technology solutions to improve online safety, Pasabi was born.
Focusing on detecting bad actor activity with behavioral analytics, we continually monitor platforms to spot emerging threats.

About us

2015 - 2017

AI expertise

Between Martin’s love and experience of AI and Chris’s passion for product development, they finally found product/market fit for their pattern spotting technology - detecting counterfeit goods for the luxury industry.  
From this point on, trust and safety became Pasabi’s mission.

About us

2000 - 2015

Friends from the 2000s

Friends who worked together in a web agency in the early 2000s, Chris (CEO) and Martin (CTO) always knew they wanted to build something together.
From the beginnings of a restaurant recommendations app, to a personalized shopping app, all the way to our Trust & Safety Platform of today, we’ve pivoted a few times before finding our home in trust and safety!


Meet Pasabi's leadership team

About us

Chris Downie

CEO & Co-founder

As CEO, Chris provides the vision and direction for Pasabi. Passionate about product development and driven to produce great user experiences, Chris’s expertise lies in strong people management and applying technology to solve real-world problems.

About us

Martin Spinks

CTO & Co-founder

Heading up technical direction for Pasabi, Martin has an in-depth knowledge of AI and over 20 years’ experience delivering major digital projects for global brands. Enthusiastic about the contribution AI can make and the possibilities it can offer, he enjoys keeping on top of industry trends and emerging technologies.

About us

John Hornell

VP Strategic Partnerships

As VP Strategic Partnerships, John is responsible for establishing and growing our partner ecosystem. With a background in marketing strategy and consulting, he is passionate about growing productive channel relationships with leaders in the Trust and Safety field.

About us

Harin Vaghela

Chief Product Officer

As CPO, Harin is responsible for the strategic direction for the product, ensuring that it stays true to the company vision of delivering a trusted experience for users. Harin has over 15 years experience taking digital, AI and Big Data products to market across industries including publishing, retail, aviation and luxury fashion.

About us

Ian Robin

Chief Revenue Officer

Ian is our CRO with responsibility for our Go-To-Market Strategy, Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Sales & Customer Retention. Ian has an outstanding track record and 30+ years of experience in the Big Data, SaaS, Real Estate and Retail sectors.


Working at Pasabi

Like the sound of who we are and what we’re doing? Read on to find out what makes us tick and what working at Pasabi is all about.