Pasabi supports marketplaces, e-commerce sites and global brands using our unique AI-enabled solutions to detect and prevent the proliferation of counterfeit, grey goods and fake reviews online.

Brand Protection

We help brands and marketplaces establish the true scale of their counterfeit and grey goods problem online, identify offenders and groups acting together, providing the evidence to support takedowns and offline legal action.

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Fake Reviews

We support marketplaces, review platforms and e-commerce sites to identify suspicious content at scale – from biased & fabricated reviews to spam and scam – we help you remove ‘bad’ actors, resulting in authentic consumer experiences.

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Key benefits of the Pasabi Platform

Support brand protection teams in tackling counterfeits and fake reviews at scale

Gather evidence online across marketplaces, social media and eCommerce for offline legal action

Gain fast insights into the real offenders and groups acting together to protect your brand online

Looking to understand the scale of your counterfeit goods challenge?

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