Market leading technology

Our technology has been developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading brands and offers a unique behavioural approach to the identification of fake sellers and groups operating at scale to support takedowns and offline legal action.

Get started, fast

With Pasabi you can be up in running in days, not weeks. Our technology can be applied to your brand almost immediately, without the need for expensive workshops, consulting and configuration costs.

Dedicated to your success

Our brand protection analysts are on hand to support you in analysing your data and ensuring we achieve maximum impact in tackling your counterfeit challenges.

Managed service

We provide you with a full end-to-end service from initial set-up to takedowns, with regular calls and reporting to keep you fully informed of progress. You’ll also have access to your own dashboard allowing you track progress.

Our mission: to clean up social, defend authenticity, and take the fight to the fraudsters doorstep.

Our software platform uses augmented intelligence to sift vast data sets to identify the true scale of the threat, letting you act decisively to clean up digital channels where your brand is under threat from counterfeit products and fake content. At Pasabi we do what’s right, what’s hard and what matters.

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