Increasingly, professional advisers are looking to use technologies that supplement or replace traditional service delivery models. ‘Lawtech’ is progressively being deployed by firms to increase efficiencies, improve productivity, and drive growth whilst delivering better outcomes for clients.

At Pasabi, we support brands and their professional advisers in tackling large scale problems specifically in counterfeit goods, fake content and insurance fraud. Pasabi’s software platform uses augmented intelligence to sift vast data sets to identify the true scale of the threat, allowing stakeholders to act decisively where such a threat is discovered.

If you are a law practice or professional adviser seeking to innovate in these areas, then let’s talk!

Technology applications

We support our partners and their clients in three key areas:

Brand Protection

Clean up digital channels where brands are under threat, connecting online infringements to offline actions.

Fake Content Detection

Identify fake content and online reviews, providing the evidence needed to remove offending content and pursue ‘bad players’.

Fraud Intelligence

Identify organised fraud against insurance companies and other institutions, gathering  evidence required for legal action.

Key Partnership Benefits

Access to market leading AI technology to build new innovative services

Delivery of internal efficiencies, improved productivity and enhanced client outcomes

Understand the true scale of your clients’ counterfeit and fraud challenges

Gain fast insights into the real offenders and groups acting together

Gathering evidence online for offline legal action

Create new fee earning opportunities

Why Pasabi?

Our technology has been developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading brands and offers a unique behavioural approach to the identification of ‘bad players’ and groups operating together to support takedowns and offline legal action.

Partner with us

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