Our technology partner program is aimed at organisations looking to innovate with AI technology.  We can work with you to integrate our AI technology platform with current product offerings or develop a stand-alone solution. Alternatively you may see an opportunity in your marketplace to become a reseller of Pasabi products.

Pasabi AI technology currently helps brands solve large scale data problems specifically in the fields of counterfeit goods, fake content and online reviews. 

To leverage our current applications we are looking to partner with companies operating in areas such as online content, eCommerce platforms, online review management, customer experience, trademark protection, counterfeit detection, and lawtech. 

We are always open to explore further applications and use cases for our technology with potential partners.

Current Technology Applications

Brand Protection

Enabling brands to tackle their counterfeit challenge at the data scale.  Our AI platform identifies offenders for online takedown and offline action.

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Fake Content Detection

Supporting review platforms and eCommerce providers in tackling fabricated reviews, scam & spam and misbehaving companies to clean up the user experience.

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Key Partnership Benefits

Access to market leading AI technology

Create new revenue streams

Valuable reseller model

Why Pasabi?

Our technology has been developed in partnership with some of the world’s leading brands and offers a unique behavioural approach to the identification of counterfeit products, fake content and reviews.

Partner with us

To discuss the potential of a partnership with Pasabi, simply complete the form below or contact us directly on 00 44 (0)208 092 5600. We look forward to hearing from you!