The counterfeit goods trade is estimated to be $4.5 trillion annually

Source: Harvard Business Review

Counterfeiting is a global problem and one that is growing. The growth of social media and adoption of e-commerce as a genuine alternative to traditional retail has fuelled the rapid expansion of fake goods online.  Counterfeiters steal customers, negatively impact brand reputation and in some instances pose a health threat to consumers.

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Online Brand Protection Solutions Explained

In the past two decades, the vast reach of the internet and the growth of smartphones has caused the grey and black markets to move online creating a market for counterfeit goods worth many billions of dollars.

E-commerce and social media platforms have been slow to respond to the explosion of fake goods being marketed through their sites. As a result, brands have started to execute brand protection strategies to tackle the counterfeiters by executing takedowns and pursuing ‘bad actors’ offline.

In short, brands can’t wait around for social media and e-commerce companies to solve the problem.

For popular brands, there are tens of thousands of posts a day to monitor across social media, marketplaces and eCommerce.  Manually reviewing these posts for brand infringements is an impossible task. Brands are struggling to make headway against the increasing tide of counterfeit activity.

AI-enabled technology platforms offer a way for brands to understand the true scale of the challenge, identify patterns, surface potential illegal traders, and start to tackle the problem in a meaningful way.

Pasabi Online Brand Protection Solution

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Understand the true scale of the fake goods problem

Identify offenders online and instigate takedown

Gather effective evidence for offline legal action

Empower your team with technology

Uncover groups acting together

Clean up the online consumer experience

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