Key Benefits

Understand the scale of the problem

Using the latest augmented intelligence techniques build a picture of the true scale of fake goods problem and be ready to tackle it head on.

Identify offenders

Find offenders that abuse your brand and hashtags online and instigate takedowns with social platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and WeChat.

Uncover groups acting together

Identify connections between individuals to identify groups acting together, building the evidence you need to remove them from social channels.


Gather the evidence you need online to support your legal team’s efforts to prosecute offenders on the ground.

Empower your team

The scale of the problem cannot be tackled on a manual basis. Use technology to augment your team’s efforts giving them the insights they need to operate at scale.

Clean up the online consumer experience

Remove fakes and protect sales. Allow consumers to access genuine content and products, reducing the risk of buying sub-standard or dangerous counterfeits.

Key Features

Identify Suspects

We analyse the online behaviour of suspects including their use of language, comments, posts, images, hashtags and how they are connected with others. We apply a score based on a wide range of factors to surface the high risk accounts from very large data sets.

Groups Acting Together

We analyse the data to look for patterns of organised crime. Drawing lines between individuals who act in collusion allows you to go after the “big fish”.

Platform Takedowns

We can execute takedowns on your behalf, or integrate with your current workflows, ensuring that fake accounts are removed and stay down. We have the ability to remove individual and multiple accounts and groups based on the data gathered.

Gather Legal Evidence

We collate data into easy to use evidence reports that allows you to build a legal case against individuals and groups.


Generate reports that help you understand the progress you are making in cleaning up digital channels. Share reports and insights with stakeholders.

What’s included:

  • Access to a secure online portal
  • Management dashboards
  • API for takedown integration and status monitoring
  • Tagging and monitoring of suspect groups
  • Add notes and download evidence packs
  • Analyst support
  • Regular feature releases

Looking to understand the scale of your counterfeit goods challenge?

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