Online reviews have a huge influence over customer spending and have become a target for manipulation by unscrupulous companies.  A burgeoning and thriving marketplace for fake reviews has emerged undermining trust in online review platforms and damaging consumer confidence.

Deploying Pasabi’s Fake Review Detection Software will allow you to tackle your fabricated reviews problem at scale, find and remove ‘bad’ actors, providing a clean authentic experience for your users.

Key Benefits

Understand the scale of the problem

Use AI technology to identify the true scale of the challenge you face with fake reviews, scam & spam, and misbehaving companies.

Improve the performance of internal teams

Provide the tools and insights enforcement teams need to operate at scale to identify and take action against persistent offenders.

Deliver an authentic user experience

Remove fabricated reviews, spam & scam and deliver an online experience for users they can trust.

Key Features

Fabricated Review Detection

Review data at scale to identify patterns which allows for the filtering and removal of fabricated reviews.

Spam & Scam Detection

Identify the most prolific IPs and digital fingerprints associated with spam/scam,  for immediate takedown.

Negative & Positive Bias Reviews

Identify companies attempting to ‘game the system’ or companies who under attack from clusters of negative reviewers.

Review Seller Monitoring

Learn from the content and behaviours of review sellers to help train classifiers and refine AI models.

Pattern Detection

Our advanced pattern detection system continually surfaces persistent offenders and groups of bad actors.


Create lists for spammers, persistent offenders and misbehaving companies you may wish to take action against or further investigate. 

What’s included:

  • Access to a secure portal
  • Management dashboards
  • Watchlists
  • Translation
  • API for takedown integration and status monitoring
  • Tagging and monitoring of suspect groups
  • Add notes and download evidence packs
  • Analyst support
  • Regular feature releases

Looking to understand the scale of fabricated & biased reviews, scam & spam, and companies trying to ‘game the system’?

Request an Online Reviews Insight Report and we’ll show you the true scale of your challenge and how to address it.

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